Performance Based SaaS Demand Generation

Create demand in the market for your SaaS products. Don't pay until we get results.

Every Campaign Includes:

  • A 360-degree business audit that takes a look at your entire tech stack, what marketing channels you're currently leveraging, current metrics, and much more

  • A full SEO campaign, including everything from new content development to Schema Markup development and integration

  • A full online advertising campaign on multiple channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google (PPC), YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn

  • Data analytics and reporting, including monthly reports that monitor over 20 metrics ranging from website conversion rate to new organic website traffic

Packages and Pricing

No surprises. Our packages include everything you need to scale MRR fast for your SaaS Business.

Most Popular

Performance Based

10% of New Revenue Generated

No set monthly retainer. Only pay when we get results.


A 360-Degree Business Audit
CRM Setup and Optimization
Sales and Marketing Automation Setup
Full SEO Campaign
Data Analytics and Reporting

Hybrid Model

5% of New Revenue + $2,000/mo

Smaller performance fee with a $2,000 USD per month retainer.


A 360-Degree Business Audit
CRM Setup and Optimization
Sales and Marketing Automation Setup
Full SEO Campaign
Data Analytics and Reporting

What is Demand Generation?

SaaS businesses are focused on solving big problems in the marketplace. The challenge is, your target market may not even be aware that your solutions exist. That’s where Demand Generation comes in.

The purpose of Demand Generation is to:

  • Increase the amount of awareness in the marketplace about the problems that your offers solve
  • Drive this awareness as traffic to your website (the funnel)
  • Remarket users using various methods to drive them down the funnel
  • Convert newly generated awareness into qualified, paying customers

At SaaS Semantics, we're focused on driving incredible increases in new MRR by providing businesses with a performance based, all-in-one approach to online marketing.

How We Transform SaaS Businesses

The first step involves performing an audit of your current marketing and sales setup.

This includes taking a deep dive into:

  • Your website
  • Your CRM setup
  • Automations that you are currently using for sales and marketing
  • Which online marketing channels you are currently leveraging
  • Your Google Analytics and Google Search console data
  • 3rd party SEO data
  • Internal documentation and resources

By starting with an internal audit, we’ll get a feel for where you’re at. We’ll get granular with the numbers, and find out areas of opportunity for optimization with what already currently exists.

Next, we’ll move onto performing SEO research for finding keyword and topic opportunities.

We’ll identify Google Search keywords that you either are already ranking for, or should be ranking for. These terms need to relate directly to your products and the problems that they solve.

Although the total number of monthly searches (Search Volume) may be low at first, it is still critical to rank for those terms. This will play a significant role in the long run as we drive traffic through other channels. Users may search up questions on Google Search after interacting with ads.

With these topics mapped out, we’ll begin prepping our content marketing team. We’ll prioritize creating articles that will drive the most amount of traffic first, and get to work writing.

All of the articles that we produce are designed to rank naturally on organic Google Search. We will optimize all of the On-Page SEO related tasks for the new articles, including adding Schema Markup, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, etc.

In addition, these new pages that we create will serve as landing pages for the advertising campaigns that we will run.

Advertising Strategy

Before we get started with the advertising campaign, we’ll start by analyzing which paid marketing channels will be most suitable for testing. Primary candidates include:

  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Google and YouTube Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • TikTok Ads

Depending on your budget and your target audience, we’ll make recommendations on which channels will make the most sense to leverage.

Who we Can Help

In order the achieve optimal outcomes, you'll be a good candidate if your SaaS business:

  • Is looking for a long term marketing partner that will do whatever it takes to see you succeed
  • Is generating at least $1,000,000 USD in annual revenue
  • Is willing and able to invest at least $10,000 USD per month into advertising spend
  • Has a fully functional, professionally developed website that has been live for at least 12 months